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Australian Knife | Koi Knives | The "Bunka" or "Hefty" Knife

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The Bunka knife is a utility knife that is crafted from strong, thick Japanese steel. The hammered side of the blade also reduces stickiness from starchy vegetables like potato and pumpkin making it the perfect knife for those types of preparation.

If you're looking for a utility that has greater weight to benefit from gravity and enable effective chopping the Bunka Knife may be a good choice for you.

This Bunka is paired with a banksia pod & sky blue resin handle. The pod holes have been filled with resin to give a beautiful effect.

If you would like a little more detail on the Bunka Knife we have a blog here which goes into the blade a little deeper.

* the handle will vary from one piece to the next so every piece will be different and unique when made.