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Websites About Knives

If you love knives, these websites are worth visiting:

Websites About Steel & Blades

 - http://www.zknives.com - Visually not incredible however from a data perspective and information perspective this is one of the best website knife locations on the planet

Websites About Handles

 - https://knifemaking.com/collections/g10-handle-material - A good overview of what you can use in making your handles from Jantz knife making.

 - https://theknifeconnection.com - The knife connection is a sales handle knife website which has a focus on pocket knives. That said, if you're looking for a wide range of G10 pieces you could work with it's a nice place to peruse.

 - https://www.woodcraft.com - A lovely website and store to take a look at handle options, what looks great, what is affordable and what is not.

 - https://www.instagram.com/p/BdTK5xOhMX0/ - An instragram link rather than a website per say. This is a wonderful series of pictures which show the evolution from handles, blades & spacers into wonderful knives (mainly pocket knives).  

Websites About Both Handles, Steel & Blades

 - Goughcustom.com - A young man in Canada with very high level engineering of both blades and handles. Sounds like an Aussie accent also. Focus is on pocket knives however definitely worth a watch.