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French Steel Maker, Bonpertuis

French Steel Maker, Bonpertuis

Bonpertuis, France

Where and when was COMPANY founded?

Bonpertuis was founded in 1434, more than 300 years before Australia was discovered and they still craft steel today. 

Bonpertuis has roughly 130 employees who toil to make steel for a variety of users in more than 50 countries globally.

Bonpertuis makes a variety of steels for cutlery, the food industry, Automotive, Energy and building. They also make paper. They would not be the best known steel manufacturer however it is fascinating that they’ve been at it for a period approaching 600 years.

What are their best known steel(s) for knives?

When it comes to knives they will craft steels such as “Bonpertuis Z60CDV14” or "Bonpertuis Dauphinox T7Mo Knife Steel" a mid level steel.

Which (well known) brands do they support?

They support parts of well known mega companies such as Victorinox.

Whatever they do - long live Bonpertuis :)

Bonpertuis Knife Steel

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