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Aogami 1 - Blue Super Steel

Aogami 1 - Blue Super Steel

Aogami Blue Super Steel is another high end knife steel production by Hitachi.

Aogami is a carbon driven steel so whilst it will be very hard it will also be more likely to be corrosive - so for these knives you need to take care of them.

You will notice a much lower contribution of Chromium when compared with classics like VG10 or AUS10.

The steel composition is as follows:


Elements Aogami Steel
C 1.40-1.50
Si 0.10-0.20
Mn 0.20-0.30
Ni -
Cr 0.30-0.50
Mo -
W 2.00-2.50
V 0.30-0.50
Co -


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