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Koi Knives - Uber Cool Handles meets VG10 Steel

Koi Knives - Uber Cool Handles meets VG10 Steel

Koi knives was founded in Adelaide in 2018 (however it's founders had been playing with steel for a few decades prior).

It's handles are what is most well known and sets them apart ... they not just delightful in the hand - they make your kitchen look like you've been to a jewelry store.

The handles themselves are made from a variety of end of season tree burls found in Mclaren Vale, South Australia where burl is then fused with resin to harden the handle and give a unique handle for every Koi knife ever make.

The damascus steel pattern on the knives has been made from either AUS10 or VG10 (depending on the knife) to ensure blade sharpness and hardness. 

You visit the knives we currently have in stock here - Koi Knives collection.

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