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HAP40 - Tweaking the ingredients

HAP40 - Tweaking the ingredients

HAP-40 is a recent reformation of ultra-hard knife blade steel. The changes are a reduction in Chromium (typically set 12-15% moved to 3.7-4.7%) which typically is used to improve corrosiveness and replacing it with increases in Cobalt, Vanadium, Tungsten and Molybdenum - the types of materials you can find in car engines :)

HAP-40 is produced by Hitachi factory in Japan.

The make up of the ingredients is as follows:

Fe ~75%
C 1.27-.1.37%
Cr 3.7-4.7%
Mo 4.6-5.4%
V 2.8-3.3%
Co 7.5-.8.5%
P -
S -
Quenching Hardness ~HRC65+


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