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Australian Knives

  • Kitchen Knives

    Kitchen Knives

    When bringing art and functionality to your kitchen here are the tools to choose from. In the words of the famous french chef, Jacques Papin, "You only need 3 knives in your kitchen. The chefs knife, the serrated knife and...

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  • The Large Chefs Knife

    The Large Chefs Knife

    Purpose - The Chefs knife is an all purpose knife. Its the perfect knife for nothing but the second best knife for everything. If you are starting a collection or only want one knife this is the knife to acquire.  Name - The...

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  • The Serrated Knife | Bread Knife

    The Serrated Knife | Bread Knife

    Purpose - The Serrated knife is best known as the turn to the knife when it comes to bread. The serrated edge  Name - The Serrated Knife | Bread Knife Sizing - The Serrated or Bread Knife, is normally a...

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  • The All Purpose K-Tip Knife

    The All Purpose K-Tip Knife

    This is essentially a chefs knife with a straighter blade (less curvature) and a k-tip finish to add more weight near the tip of the blade. When cutting anything tougher with the blade approaching the tip this is the preferred...

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  • Classic Chopper

    Classic Chopper

    The ultimate tool for vegetable preparation it's the Australian equivalent of a Japanese vegetable cutter (the Japanese version is called a "Na-Kiri" or "Vegetable-Slicer"). For those of us who cut lots of vegetable in our kitchens this a a great...

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  • The Petty Knife

    The Petty Knife

    Purpose - The Petty knife is an All Purpose Knife used for intricate cutting. Name - The Petty Knife Sizing - The Petty Knife, is a shorter blade made for intricate chopping. They vary anywhere from are 4-7 inches long (the blade). The size of...

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  • Oz "Deba" Knife

    Oz "Deba" Knife

    This is an Australian equivalent of one the Japanese collections most popular knives - the Deba knife. It has a somewhat unusual shape, however the curve at the edge, the pointy tip and the widened spine on the knife make...

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