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A Shed Load of Knives | Just North of Radelaide
A Shed Load of Knives | Just North of Radelaide

Build Your Own Australian Knife...

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3 Steps to make your own knife

1. Choose your blade shape

2. Choose our favorite handle

3. Write any engraving needed

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Build Your Own Japanese Style Knife

Start Creation

3 Steps to Create

1. Start with Japanese Damascus Steel by clicking below

2. Decide the shape & purpose foy our blade

3. Select the handle that works for you...

Create Your Own Japanese Damascus Knife


What knives are you looking for?


I had a ball co-designing cheese knives with the local crew from Koi Knives. They take my table to the next level...

Kris Lloyd

Australia's Premier Cheese Judge & Maker - Woodside Cheese Wrights

Put simply, the shed offers the largest collection of locally made artistic knives.

You can see them on our walls :)

Anna Small

Owner & Creator

Fleurieu Art House, Mclaren Vale, SA

We worked with the shed to put together a collection of locally made knives which match the locally sourced foods in our cooking schools. Our customers seem to love them!

Claire Fuller

Owner | Founder

Sticky Rice Cooking School

I'm one of the busiest knife sharpeners in Brisbane and I am encountering more and more knives from "The Knife Shed." Owners of local knives seem to care more about their knives...

Troy Bedford

Knife Sharpener

A Wicked Edge, Brisbane, QLD