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Local Knives | Kitchen, Table & BBQ
Local Knives | Kitchen, Table & BBQ

The Knife Shed | A Shed Load of Knives in Oz...

Knives for your Kitchen, BBQ & Dining Table at Home. Locally Crafted.

Local Knife Makers (for those in Oz)

The "Australian Knife" Section

BBQ Knives by Big Red Knives

BBQ Knives by Big Red Knives

Many of those cooking in Oz, both inside or out the back, would benefit from taking their knife collection to the next level.

This collection of knives, made by the "Big Red" knife team in SA, has a unique fusion of artistic wooden handles with the toughest blades you'll find.

Oz Knives by "Big Red Knives" - Adelaide Hills, SA
Australian Knifes Learning Lab

Australian Knifes Learning Lab

Learn About Australian Knives.

Where they belong (Kitchen, BBQ, Dining Table)?

Who makes them?

"Oz Knife Knife Learning Lab"

The Japanese Knife Section

"Koi Knives" - Where Japanese Steel Meets Australian Wood

"Koi Knives" - Where Japanese Steel Meets Australian Wood

Two, forty something chaps, have been making some insane Japanese steels blades with Australian wooden one-off Handles.

You can see more of what these jokers are up to and the products they making here.

They are the perfect gift for food lovers, whether that is friend, partner or even yourself!

Damascus Knives by "Koi Knives" - Woodville, SA
The Japanese Knife Guide

The Japanese Knife Guide

There's a lot of different Japanese knives.

If you are wondering where to start and what different knives are used for, this is the guide for you.

Learn About Japanese Knives

Whetstone Sharpening Stone

Whetstone Sharpeners

Whetstone Sharpeners

If you plan to give your knife collection some TLC "Tender Loving Care" you need to know how to sharpen them for time to time...

We try to summarise when and what to do to keep your knife as sharp as when you bought it.

How to use your whetstone?

Sharpening & Maintaining Your Knives

How to look after your knives?

How to look after your knives?

A knife is no different to your car. It needs to looked after and be serviced from time to time.

If you get this correct your knife will last forever and become an air-loom for your family!

Knife Maintenance Tips

The Knife Steel Index (High End Knife Steel)

What steel is used to make the worlds knives?

What steel is used to make the worlds knives?

There are ~10 world class steel makers when it comes to making high end knives.

Where are they made? By Who? If that's what you are searching for the Steel Knife Index is a great place to start...

Search the Steel Knife Index


I had a ball co-designing cheese knives with the local crew from Koi Knives. They take my table to the next level...

Kris Lloyd

Australia's Premier Cheese Judge & Maker - Woodside Cheese Wrights

Put simply, the shed offers the largest collection of locally made artistic knives.

You can see them on our walls :)

Anna Small

Owner & Creator

Fleurieu Art House, Mclaren Vale, SA

We worked with the shed to put together a collection of locally made knives which match the locally sourced foods in our cooking schools. Our customers seem to love them!

Claire Fuller

Owner | Founder

Sticky Rice Cooking School

I'm one of the busiest knife sharpeners in Brisbane and I am encountering more and more knives from "The Knife Shed." Owners of local knives seem to care more about their knives...

Troy Bedford

Knife Sharpener

A Wicked Edge, Brisbane, QLD


What knives are you looking for?